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The Prospection Proposal


(n.)The act of looking forward, of anticipation, of providing for future wants

1. PROSPECTION is a project lead by artists Karen Guthrie and Nina Pope of Somewhere [1]

2. PROSPECTION will be an annual survey of the first twenty-five years of inhabitation of the community of North West Cambridge, a new mixed-use development lead by the University of Cambridge.

3. PROSPECTION will commence in the year 2015 and conclude in 2040, creating an archive of a 25 year time span.

4. PROSPECTION aspires to record, communicate and interpret evidence of a new human inhabitation with integrity, rigour, ingenuity, and creativity.

5. PROSPECTION will be conducted by a group of between five and ten prospectors, working simultaneously on site on two consecutive days per year.

6. The prospectors will be drawn chiefly from the fields of archaeology, the creative arts and social sciences, but may also include other relevant disciplines.

7. The prospectors may employ any reasonable methodologies or technologies relevant to their specialism to make their contribution/s. These may include standardised or innovative approaches to recording the subject.

8. The nature of prospectors' contributions shall be informed by an awareness of the longevity and material stability of any materials used. Reference shall be made to the advice published by the National Archives [2].

9. Material collected and records made will be collated and archived each year within one archival box. They must not exceed that which will fit within an archival box of dimensions 23 x 49 x 15cm.

10. The archival boxes shall be collated together and a record of their location held at Cambridgeshire Archives, Box RES 1009, Shire Hall, Castle Hill, Cambridge, CB3 0AP

11. Dialogue and collaboration between participating prospectors is encouraged.

12. In the event of retiring from the survey, participants are encouraged to invite a colleague or peer to replace them.

13. The Intellectual Property rights of PROSPECTION are shared equally amongst its contributors.

14. Publication and academic activity deriving from PROSPECTION is encouraged.

15. Photography or other recordings of contents for private study may be made by arrangement.

16. Requests for images or data from PROSPECTION for reproduction or publication shall be addressed to Somewhere in the first instance.

[1] Somewhere trading as is a UK not-for-profit company limited by guarantee No. 4736438.

[2] See