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Past, Present, Somewhere


Kettle's Yard gallery in Cambridge presented a retrospective of Somewhere projects and films produced over the last two decades. This was our first solo exhibition since being awarded the Northern Art Prize in 2007.

Past, Present, Somewhere was an opportunity to see early video and web-based projects and watch the artists’ remarkable documentary films. For the past year Somewhere have been part of the North West Cambridge Art Programme; working with Cambridge Archaeological Unit, the exhibition includes new work inspired by this collaboration.
Andrew Nairne, Director of Kettle's Yard

Let us take you to the Essex seaside in the 1940s, travel forward to a present-day Japanese farming village, walk around a local manor house in Tudor England. Come on a bus with us from a factory on the edge of the Thames to the Czech Republic and the start of a shoe empire. Make your way across Scotland to the Western Isles and, of course, come home with us. Finally, step into the future on your doorstep and try and see Cambridge in 2040.

You will find separate pieces and places here, but many themes that bind them together. The space between each project is elastic for us, like the time travelled in between and within each piece.

There are no expert opinions here, there are many anecdotes and much is made by amateurs. There is all of domestic, messy, mixed up life. Together we strive, alongside people we meet, to piece together the past and make a stab at the future. Most importantly we spend time now, in the moment, struggling with the stuff of Somewhere and trying to record what this can look like.

Karen Guthrie and Nina Pope, 2014

A new essay by writer David Crowley to mark this exhibition is online here.

Special Events as part of Past, Present, Somewhere:

Introduction to the work of Pope and Guthrie
Thursday 18th September, 12.30pm by curator Marie-France Kittler

Karen Guthrie and Nina Pope panel discussion
Thursday 2nd October, 7.00pm
A discussion our two new projects Tomorrow, Today and Prospection made through the NW Cambridge commission with Kettle's Yard Director, Andrew Nairne, contemporary archeologist Sefryn Penrose and Director of the Cambridge Archaeological Unit Chris Evans.

Digital Media and Computing History Event
Saturday 11th October 2-4.30pm
Talks and discussion with: Sarah Cook, curator, writer and co-founder of CRUMB, the online resource for curators of new media art; Andrew Chitty who devised the BBC's first website and was former editor of The Net; and Jason Fitzpatrick of the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge.

Kettle's Yard, Castle Street, Cambridge CB3 0AQ, 01223 748100,