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NW Cambridge (University of Cambridge Artists' Residency)

2013 - 2014

The NW Cambridge development (now formally re-named Eddington) is an ambitious initiative of the University of Cambridge, aiming to meet its expansion needs over the next twenty years. The project's arts programme (managed by the Contemporary Art Society and InSite Arts) is exceptional in that it integrates art and artists in diverse contexts throughout the lifespan of the project.
We were amongst the first raft of artists, with Hannah Rickards and Tania Kovats.

In 2013 - 2014 we were appointed as artists-in-residence within the the University's division of Archaeology, and were lucky enough to have a fairly open brief to spend a year enagaged with any aspect of the archaeology relating to the site.

We took part in a volunteer dig on the NWC site in winter 2013 which gave rise to proposals for two further works:
'Tomorrow, Today' - a large site-specific work that depicts a 3D architectural model built from earth, and 'Prospection', a proposal to make an annual archaeological survey of NWC / Eddington as it becomes inhabited over the next 25 years.

Cambridge Festival of Ideas 2013 - Karen & Nina talk Archaeology