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Home-made Heroes

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The Home-made Heroes costumes were made by a global network of home dressmakers, sourced over the web. Each received only a text description of a given character's appearance and heroic characteristics - NOT their famous name. The dressmakers' interpretations of our instructions resulted in a diverse collection - some funny, some sad - all exhibiting various levels of 'accuracy' in their interpretation. This new collection of 'heroic' game characters alludes to role-playing, dressing up and the origins of all game playing ...

"Neither of us are gamers, but we had done a lot of research into on-line communities and games during our An Artist's Impression project a few years earlier - in particular we were fascinated by the vast MUSH Furry-muck, where gamers assume animal characteristics for role-playing (clean and dirty!). Our initial idea included the opportunity for gallery visitors to wear our costumes whilst at Game On but this idea was compromised due to practical concerns.
We wanted Home-made Heroes to be tongue-in-cheek about the games industry's global reach and to also touch on gaming's home-grown antecedents - activities like 'dressing up'. Maybe we also wanted to parody the machismo of gaming too - using the femininity of dressmaking and highlighting the absurdity of assuming a gaming character."

In hindsight, this project anticipates our more recent fascination with costume - as seen in our film Bata-ville - and the ongoing research into re-enactment.....

"I really did enjoy the exhibition opening...It was really something to see my name on a metal plaque on the wall!" Sandy Snowden, who made 'Chocobo'