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Anecdotal Evidence

The Films

I used a section of my Grandfather's Standard 8 film at a reception to launch the project in September 2000, I projected it with a new piece of music produced in collaboration with Tim Olden. The music took samples from the 1960's when the reservoir opened and the film was shot.
During my research for the piece many other film links emerged: Jim Herdman, a former farmer who lived in one of the farms now under the water, showed me some of his footage - very similar to that shot by my Grandfather but from the farmer's perspectve rather than the construction worker's. Brian Carter, who ran the Buckden Marina where the gravel for the reservoir came from, had filmed the construction from start to finish. Anglia Water show an 'introducing Grafham' video with archive footage at their visitor centre. Almost all of these films have the same section I remembered in common - the strange scene with the tower.
A final film link came from Bob Maynard at the Grafham Water Centre - he told me about "Here we go round, the Mulberry Bush" a 'classic' sixties film with a long section also shot at the new reservoir.

To view the real media version of the standard 8 film with sound by Tim Olden click here.