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A Hypertext Journal


Live online travelogue following Pope & Guthrie's journey to the Western Isles of Scotland, in the footsteps of the writers Boswell & Johnson.

A Hypertext Journal was our first non-gallery collaboration, and also one of the Web's first artists' projects.

It was created in response to a commission brief for an 'interactive' (a new word back then!) artwork. We didn't get the commission, but we decided to go ahead with our plans to follow one of the English language's first examples of travel writing - 'A Journey to the Western Isles' by the 18th century writers Boswell & Johnson. We updated it by using a borrowed laptop and digital camera to document our remote Scottish journey live and online, following leads emailed via our remote audience and making what was to become perhaps our most ground-breaking work to date.

The work generated a lot of media interest at a time when images on the Web were few and far between, ditto women working with new technologies. For BBC Horizon's documentary 'TV is dead, long live TV' we were filmed by John Podpadec - who 9 years later became our camera man on Bata-ville.