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DIY gardening


Solo project by Nina Pope - make-over of an MOD garden, documented in a video programme and gardening website

Created for the group show Muster on the Helensburgh MOD Churchill Estate in Scotland, this project involved me living in an empty MOD house for a week. Helped by a team (and a growing group of local kids) I transformed the regimented sorry-lawn-with-weeds plot at the back of the house into a TV-make-over garden. Whilst subverting the MOD gardening rules (inverting the 80% lawn-to-border ration for example!) I did try to create a garden that might be both useable and enjoyable for any prospective new tenants. The plan, for example, was based on a spiral out from the whirly-gig washing line. The subsequent programme was shown in the house on the kitchen portable, amongst work by the other artists in the group show. The programme website is still available on-line and includes the long list of project credits.