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Jaywick Escapes

Jaywick Escapes

2010 - 2012

Our third documentary feature film was shot in the Essex coastal town of Jaywick, England. The film premiered at the 2012 Sheffield Doc / Fest and shortly afterwards sold out at London's East End Film Festival. An extract of the film plus archive material of Jaywick's history formed part of the Science Museum London's 2014 'Climate Stories' exhibition.

Once the favourite holiday destination for London's Eastenders, seaside Jaywick is now 'officially' the poorest place in the UK, suffering from unremittingly high levels of crime, unemployment, dependency and family breakdown. Yet, this decaying seaside resort casts a powerful spell over its inhabitants, drifters whose reasons to escape here are revealed in this darkly intimate portrait.

Shot across over a year, this sensitive film follows a handful of recent Jaywick arrivals as memories from their past holidays start to collide with the present. Contrasting with exquisitely shot footage of Jaywick's extraordinarily characterful town-scape - a colorful homage to British DIY ingenuity despite its decay - are gritty observational scenes of the lives lived behind the closed doors of each seaside shack.

Jaywick Escapes is a Somewhere film produced and directed by Karen Guthrie & Nina Pope. Our production manager was Lisa James and we had executive support from Marc Isaacs. The film was funded by Somewhere, Arts Council England, Royal College of Art & the Science Museum, with support from East Anglia Film Archive.