Name:  Richard Guest
Occupation: Tate employee
Tale Title:  The Dilettante's Tale
Destination: London
Richard Guest

The Dilettante's Tale

Richard Guest based his pilgrimage on his short story, The Probos Kiss, which you can read in full by following this link.

His journey on the day of the Event was dictated by shining a bright light onto his face and casting the shadow of his nose across a map of London: This outline was traced and then literally followed by Richard, who travelled on foot wearing a tweed suit, on this, one of the summer's hottest days, thus learning "the true physical cost of following my nose".

Richard returned to Borough Market to present his Tale in person, talking the live audience through a range of objects he had collected en route from various acquaintances.
In his Prologue he explains how his pilgrimage idea evolved from his fascination with the nose.

The Dilettante's Prologue(3 mins)
The Dilettante's Tale (6 mins)

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