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Ole' square eyes

Just when you think you've given this new site the once over with the database equivalent of a nit comb, you feel strangely compelled to just do one more search in Google for relevant links. One hour later you find yourself knee deep in some obscure webzine from 1997 that has spelled your name wrong...

Film Still

EIFF here we come ...

Next week we are off to the Edinburgh International Film Festival for the world premiere of our feature-length documentary Bata-ville: We are not afraid of the future ... and I have to say somewhere are pretty excited!

We both studied at Edinburgh College of Art, and it's particularly thrilling to be heading back to premiere our very first film at the festival. We're looking forward to seeing some old somewhere friends and going to lots of the festival talks and workshops. I am worried though that we don't so far know where any of the parties are?

A Hypertext Journal
The young Pope & Guthrie

10 years with somewhere

This year we are celebrating 10 years of our collaboration ... since our first show together "Somewhere over the TV" ... Somewhere has come along way ... and met a lot of people!

If you are one of the many folk we've worked with over the last 10 years, you should shortly be receiving an invitation to join us at our 10 year birthday party. It's being held (along with a screening of Bata-ville) at the Hackney Empire on September the 9th - if we have lost contact with you or you'd just like more details do send us an email.

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