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Welcome to Brno
..says Prince Charming

Welcome to the Czech Republic

On arriving at Brno for the Zlin Film Festival I was excited (as was Nina evidently) to be greeted for the first time by one of those taxi signs - and a totally new spelling of my surname.

Photo: Tim Olden with my mobile

Maddening Mobile ...

I love this image from my new mobile ... which is more than can be generally said for the flipping new phone at present! Despite almost a week of faffing about in between films in Edinburgh I failed to get the damn thing set up to send messages direct to our Blog from 1569. This resulted in a rather shaming loss of temper and face just prior to departure when the news of a delayed 'sim card switch' nearly tipped me over the edge. Still between Dorian and I we're determined to beat it by the next 1942 visit!

If you want to receive multi-media messages from the past direct to your mobile email us with your name and number and we'll add you to the list ...