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At lovely Yarner Farm
c/o John & Justine Richards

"One scene shot inside a freezer"

Last week was a hectic but very satisfying one, bringing my Exmoor National Dress project to fruition. I was taking a series of portraits of local people and making a short film about the process. There was a lot of zooming across moors down into valleys, in glorious sunshine. Just the ticket after a wet summer.
Here's myself (uncharacteristically holding the boom) with my crew, Alex Richardson (on camera) and Sacha Atkinson (Sound). The picture was taken by Steph Thomas, our great production assistant for the shoot, who used the time between locations to work on a very thorough risk assessment which ranged from 'attack by animals' to 'one scene shot inside a freezer'.

Paul Baker & Dr. Rob

Living without the Tudors

Yes I can hardly believe it after months of work we think the film is finally finished! It's taking some getting used to living without the Tudors as we have now spent what feels like most of the time since we left Kentwell last summer re-creating those three weeks every day in the edit suite!

A huge thanks to Sue Giovanni for her patient work guiding us through the on-line at VET and to Patrick Morgan and Alan Cronin at The Sanctuary for our amazing 'first grade' experience. We felt a rushing sensation of 'there's no way back from here' as we watched Patrick spin the strange 'grading globes' interface and lovingly tweak the depth of each and every one of the films already luscious HD shots.

Obviously the biggest thanks goes to Doug and Tim though ... they have lived with us as Tudors and directors for the long haul ... the edit and music are a credit to them.

Somewhere the film crew
Photo: Tim Olden with my mobile

Tudor-looking crew?

We're just back from 1569 ... seen here posing for a pin-hole photo with our great film crew John Podpadec and Paul Baker - it seems even a bus trip to the Czech Republic with us hasn't been enough to put them off time travel with Pope & Guthrie.

Behind the camera are Tim Olden and Jane Miller + lots of Tudor children!

See the Sometime Later Blog for building news of how we got on ...