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Karen & Mike
talk planes on the trip

The spectator takes over ...

Well 'Searching for the Spectator' turned out to be (as usual with these events) a bit of a mixed bag. However, as the only 'spectator' who'd actually experienced one of the projects discussed (Uncle) Mike Ostler came up trumps ... that man needs a Blog ... I for one would certainly read it!

As usual he downloaded to me more information about new developments in Thurrock than I could have unearthed in hours of Interweb research. He then gave a funny and engaging presentation (after I lined him up with a brief history of how Bata-ville began and showed a film clip of the egg dump by way of an intro to the trip) provoked more questions than any other speaker, and apparently then held forth in the pub! Next time I'm just going to give him the DVD and stay at home ...

I have to confess that our session (presented with the Juneau's and Adam from Grizedale) did feel rather at odds with the rest of the day. I personally failed to see the connection to other more gallery based pieces discussed. It's not that I don't find this work interesting I just think it's attempting a type of engagement so different to the work we were presenting that any comparison seems a rather pointless.

Ironically having listened to people talking about 'art engagement' all day - some of the most limited kind - I went to an amazing theatre production by 'Punchdrunk' that evening. As I experienced a 'one-to-one' with an actress who locked me in a room alone with her and then blindfolded me, I had to laugh as I thought back on the rest of the days engagement!

Donald Campbell mascot in progress

It's a Lake District Knockout

Whilst Nina heads for the Edinburgh International Film Festival for our Bata-ville premiere, the multi-project juggling continues, with emails from Tudors all day for the Sometime Later project, a 1569 ruff order for two (Nina and I's necks are the same size - bizarre?) and a few hours this afternoon with a soft pencil trying to nail some caricatures for our 'It's a Lake District Knockout' event on Sept. 18th.....We're having 4 big mascot heads of local luminaries made so that each competing team has one to support them, and these will remain with Coniston village for them to use in any way they like after our event. So far we're going for Ruskin, Wainright, Beatrix Potter and Donald Campbell....Echoes of our earlier Grizedale pieces that used local celebrities here!
To your right you see my best effort so far - the water speed nut Donald Campbell who until recently remained at the bottom of Lake Coniston after his untimely death during his last record-breaking attempt. He'll be the mascot for the Coniston Sailing Club team - I had to ring the Ruskin Museum today to ask what colour his helmet was.
In real life Campbell had his own 'lucky' mascot called Mr Woppitt, a teddy who in fact was the sole survivor of a number of family 'crashes' until someone realised he was in fact a herald of doom.