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An array of lovely things for campaign screenings

New Era for The Closer We Get & another island screening!

Jen Skinner and Sally Hodgson work with me on all the outreach and educational screenings we are now doing with The Closer We Get - and it's quite a task connecting us between Nottingham, the Isle of Tiree and the Lake District! Thank the Lord for Skype....

This isn't the take-a-bow-at-a-film-festival work that's a lot of fun at the start of a film's life, but it is massively rewarding to get the film in front of the people who wil not hear about it without our hard work to get it to them: in particular we are targetting trainee carers at the moment, and have designed this pack (pictured) for them. The materials we have designed will enable the care sector to use the film in any way that helps them think about and discuss their important role in the lives of those receiving adult social care packages in their own homes - as my Mum Ann was.

We have already had great feedback from this sector on the film and how it encourages frank discussions about the role of carers and care-givers - so if you or anyone you know thinks they could use the film and our other learning resources in training, CPD etc - get in touch with us here and let's get the ball rolling.

(Thanks on a big scale to Bertha Britdoc Connects for making this all possible too)

Oh - and our next screening (and it's FREE but please book here) is on the mobile cinema, The Screen Machine, moored up in Brodick on my beloved Isle of Arran on Monday March 13th - screening starts at 13.30pm. I will be attending for a dicussion after the film, thanks to funding from Big Lottery Scotland for our See Beyond Stroke campaign.

Beijing friends, me, random lobster

Farewell China, we hope to be back.....

I'd a marvellous time in China thanks largely to Lulu (left) and Cherelle (centre) who put many hard hours into their iDOCS Documentary Forum at Beijing Film Academy. It was an unforgettable experience, to sit in the vast cinema listening to a whole new audience so far from Largs, laughing and crying.

The lobster - as far as I know - had nothing to do with the event.