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Screen grab of LOVEFiLM listing ...
With me in the Chatsum side bar!

Life on the web ... Chatsum & LOVEFiLM

Sometimes I love life on the web ... we heard today that 100 people have already queued Bata-ville on LOVEFiLM, which considering we're currently the directors and the distributors is pretty exciting on lots of fronts! Not least as it proves there's a market out there for documentaries which might not necessarily fit a regular TV/art or film mould ... and now it seems you can reach that audience, without a distributor or TV slot.

Meanwhile (in between fashioning some watercolours for the soon to follow additions to our Sometime Later site also launched on the BBC site today) I've spent the afternoon chatting to other Beta testers for Chatsum and brilliant new addition to the web world and the internet baby of one of my students on the RCA Interaction Design course.

George's Chatsum sidebar allows you to talk to other people who are currently looking at the same site or page as you on the web. The Beta version went live today and sidebars across the Firefox web have been busier than the RCA art bar on a Thursday night!

Sadly anyone interested is too late to joint the first round of Beta sign ups (they have been inundated with people) but keep an eye on the site and you might be able to join in with the next version.