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Go Broadcast Yourself - the good old days of new media

Vintage Pope & Guthrie is currently on show at Cornerhouse in the show 'BROADCAST YOURSELF'.
The project 'TV swansong' (2002)- an insanely ambitious live, one-day webcast by artists - is part of this fascinating overview of artists' broadcasting interventions.
The artists we curated into the project were Walker & Bromwich, Chris Helson, Jessica Voorsanger, Jordan Baseman, Rory Hamilton & Jon Rogers, Georgio Sadotti and Graham Fagen.

It was a crazy project - administratively, financially, technically - in fact I found this page cached in my web browser which made me shudder to revisit the planning! But it was also a brave project that I am still very proud of. Despite horrific technical glitches on the live day, the project broke new ground artistically and technologically.

At the Cornerhouse preview last week I met with a number of nice folk from the good old days of new media. It was great to catch-up. For the first time in my career I felt how those ageing video artists must feel when looking back on their early oeuvre - a kind of affection and nostalgia for its clunkiness. We all laughed at the various technical hitches the show was suffering from - Alistair Gentry had a loose cable, I (still a very poor operator on a PC) couldn't bookmark the TV swansong website or make it the browser's 'home', though thankfully the piece's still work online some 6 years on...
It's the first time I've really recognised the 'historic-ness' of the new media work of the late 90's and early noughties, and its a credit to curators Kathy Rae Huffman and Sarah Cook that the show places this work in a continuum from the radical artists film and video of decades earlier.

I think the Youtube generation could love this show - only 3 or 4 years ago people would have found all this low-res on big screens pretty unwatchable (I remember long discussions with our more sceptical TV swansong artists about how webcasting compared formally with their more familiar single-screen gallery installations). But now we have films on mobile phones, iPlayer and a generally very wide tolerance for big pixels and wobbly shots.

'BROADCAST YOURSELF' is at Cornerhouse (I just noticed the address isn't on the preview card - pause to find it...) from 13th June till 10th August 2008

70 Oxford Street
M1 5NH

T 0161 200 1500