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Jaywick Begins

While Karen was watching her weather tollerant NGS visitors wander round a wet Lawson Park garden at the weekend :-(  I was getting sunburn with the crew in Jaywick, filming the summer fair and finally beginning what felt like making the film rather than research ...

I'm not sure quite what made the shift for me (could have been the pumped feeling caused by lack of sleep and mountains of technical last minute preparation that I now have come to only associate with making films!) but I'd like to think it was being back with our crew from the last two films - Production Manager Lisa - James, DOP - John Podpadec, Sound - Paul Baker, and (of course) Tim Olden. This weekend we even had an extra pair of hands with a runner (luxury indeed) James Gilpin one of my recent graduates from the Royal College of Art.

The chaos of the summer fair kept us all on our toes ... and we even managed to try out some nice shots either side of the main event on our new DSLR (largely the cause of my pre-production lack of sleep!).

It feels good to be making another film and we even have a new webpage & Blog to celebrate. The picture is John and I - the clapper board is sadly not just for effect, in the world of the DSLR synch sound is a distant memory.