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Oh East Tilbury ...

How I have missed my visits there - I am spoilt for choice of lovely images taken on my trip there today but this one of the wreath made to commemorate Founders Day today get's the winning vote.

On 12th July 1932 Tomas Bata, the founder of The Bata Shoe Company, died tragically in a plane crash. 2012 is the the 80th anniversary of his death. When the Bata factory was in production the anniversary was commemorated every year on 12th July by the management and was called Founders Day.

This year the Bata Reminiscence and Resource Centre (BRRC), who are based at the East Tilbury library, commemorated Founders Day with a wreath laying ceremony at the Tomas Bata statue in the former Bata factory grounds. It was lovely to be invited and to see many old friends from the film. 

Bata Avenue was looking particularly photogenic in the sun today.