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Teenland - production still
A film by Jeanie Finlay

Our friends in the TV!

The musical Somewhere mastermind Tim is on TV tonight!

Well ... he's not on in person but his fantastic musical presence can be felt
throughout tonight's new documentary by Jeanie Finlay ...

Teenland - In Teenagers' Bedrooms

Four bedrooms, four teenagers, four portraits of life behind the closed bedroom door.
Teenland - takes us into the sanctuary of four British adolescents on the brink of
adulthood and explores their passions, obsessions and hopes for the future.

TV Broadcast Premiere - Wednesday 30th May 2007, 10.00pm, BBC4 60 minutes

Jeanie is also a friend of Somewhere and this is her TV premiere too, Tim's job was to create suitably teenage cover tracks for each of the programme's characters.

Many familiar faces feature in the different bands but sadly Karen & I's vocals for
Hushabye mountain hit the cutting room floor - just too creepy apparently ...

I know it's on at the same time as the Desperate Housewives Wedding but you can
all record that!