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Prospecting Again ...


(n.)The act of looking forward, of anticipation, of providing for future wants

Filming call out for September the 28th and 29th

Somewhere are very much looking forward to being back in North West Cambridge at the end of this week for our annual Prospection survey. NWC now has a new name of Eddington and some 'real residents' who we are hoping to meet - if you live there here's our call out for filming!

Dear New Eddington Residents,

We're two artists Nina Pope & Karen Guthrie (AKA and we've been working with the dept. of Archaeology on the NWC public arts programme since its launch back in 2013.
Some of you might have encountered the first project we made on site - a mud model village - which is now gently returning to the landscape near the cricket field - It's called 'Tomorrow, Today'

As well as this sculptural project we have been working on an ambitious annual 2 day survey of the new development - this project is called Prospection. The project aims to follow the evolution of the new Eddington community from its (rather muddy!) inception and through the first 25 years. Each year we invite a team of 'prospectors' drawn from the arts, sociology and archaeology to visit the site for two days and to make records of the place and its people in any way they see fit. The archive of original records - analogue and digital - is collated each year and placed in a new 'finds box' which is deposited with Cambridgeshire Archives for anyone to access and study.

You can read more about it here and see some images from past surveys.

This Thursday and Friday we will be at Eddington for survey 03 (actually the 4th if you include our test run!) and we're very keen to meet some new residents.
Our work to date has been with the construction team and recording that stage of the project but it would be lovely now to introduce the first actual 'inhabitants'.

Each member of our small team records in different ways but Somewhere are committed to making a short film each year.
We tend to interview folk in a vox-pop style using a single question that captures the changes that year and then on the second day we follow one individual who is based on site for the day.

SO, we'd love to meet & film some of you while we're 'surveying' on Thursday and Friday this week - if you are interested in being part of this forward facing archive do get in touch with us here.
OR we will be at the temporary community centre (46 Ryle Yard) between 12-1 and 6-7 this Thursday the 28th of September.

Many thanks in advance and looking forward to meeting some of you!

Nina & Karen

Aerial view of the site, Photo c/o Skanska

Aerial image of the site September 2016, Image c/o Skanska