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Glut in A Fair Land

Our Glut project with public works is now live, as part of 'A Fair Land' at IMMA Dublin, running till Aug. 28.

A strawbale barn and field, it has used around 600 bales of barley straw and over 200 courgette plants - the fruits of which are served Thursday - Sunday for lunch at 1pm. Do go along if you're nearby, it's spectacular (even if we do say so ourselves).

Pre-Order The Closer We Get - Full Cinema Cut & Extras

Thank you for all the lovely post-BBC feedback on the transmission last weekend, I watched it in Glasgow with my family and it was fun and also a bit surreal!

BBC rules dictate we cannot offer the full 87' cut yet, so in the meantime we can invite you to pre-order the DVD or Vimeo here - you won't regret it!