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Test bricks ... Tiny steps

It's only lunch time on day one of Tomorrow, Today and already we've 'foot-mixed' 6 loads of cob and the group test bricks are drying out ... Nice first steps for a long journey ahead!

Cobbing begins!

Kate Edwards kicks off our first week of cobbing, I'm taking it as a good omen that more people than I expected arrived this morning rather than the normal start-of-course dropout experience!

White sticks mark the spot ...

Well actually the edges of the spots that will become our cob model -as from next week! Very exciting to start seeing the shape laid out on the site and (yellow figures in the background) also lots of student archaeologists right next to our site. As we build up a picture of the future they will be digging down to the past ... At some points we even overlap!

Solid, solid as a rock!

Our test cob block built in the CAU garden survived the winter rather well ...

Karen, Kate and Kirsten on the site for Tomorrow, Today

Come Cob with Us

Come and take part in our ambitious mud model project - Tomorrow, Today

Just a quick Friday reminder for any of you who thought about coming to Cambridge to create *cob (!) and let it slip through your in box -
there are still a (very) few places left for booking.
These are in Week 2 (5-9th May) and Week 4 19-23rd of May. Anyone who would like to know more should contact Kirsten (see across in red) our cob co-ordinator via:
cob 'at' - we'd love to have you join us!
As you can see from this picture we have a lot of material to make into cob and a very big flat space to fill with our model. With Karen & Kirsten is the fantastic cob expert Kate Edwards who will be mentoring us and instructing some of the groups over the 6 weeks.
*Cob - a mixture of compressed clay and straw used, esp. in former times, for building walls.