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Shooting, 2012

Wed. Nov 12th @ Kettles Yard : Beware Daughter With Camera

I hope some of you can make it to what will be a nerve-wracking but exciting chance for me to introduce my new doc The Closer We Get (co-produced - and much of it filmed by - Ms Nina Pope!) and to show you some of my favourite clips. I'll also be highlighting the relationship between the 'Past, Present, Somewhere' exhibition in the gallery and this new film, which has been 6 years in the making.

Wed. Nov 12th 7pm, special viewing of the exhibition 6-7pm £8 (£6)

Booking recommended as cinema seating limited.
Info here -

Credit: Cambridge Archaeological Unit

A tale of 38 teapots: an intimate portrait of C18th sociability

Sadly I can't be in Cambridge today, but I wish I could - this talk by one of the Prospectors Craig Cessford looks fantastic!

"At a seminar today (22 October 2014) archaeologist Craig Cessford will talk about the challenges of working on ‘clearance deposits’. He will use, as one of his examples, the recent excavation of a site in historic Cambridge that yielded a cache of teapots, and other items, that had lain undisturbed for more than 200 years. - See more here."

"While coffeehouses have attracted significant attention from historians, relatively little attention has been paid to the material culture associated with them – and very few have been investigated archaeologically."

Craig Cessford

Photo: Nina Pope

Green roof for Tomorrow, Today

One of the nice things about going to Cambridge so much for the Kettle's Yard show is also being able to visit the 'original' Tomorrow, Today model and see how it's changing over time. I've just added a gallery of pictures from right across the project here. You can see the whole process from the empty muddy field to the finished model and changing nature of the site as nature takes over.

I'll be back this weekend for a walk & talk around our Kettle's Yard show as part of the Castle Hill open day ...

1.30 Sat. Oct 18th - Tour of Past, Present, Somewhere with Nina Pope

Events, dear boy. Events.



Kettle's Yard, Castle Street, Cambridge CB3 0AQ, 01223 748100,

Karen Guthrie and Nina Pope Panel Discussion
Thursday 2nd October, 7.00pm £8(£6)

Come and hear us discuss our two new projects Tomorrow, Today and Prospection made through the NW Cambridge commission with Kettle's Yard Director, Andrew Nairne, contemporary archeologist Sefryn Penrose and Director of the Cambridge Archaeological Unit Chris Evans. Special viewing of the exhibition 6-7pm.

Digital Media and Computing History Event
Saturday 11th October 2-4.30pm With tea and cake break, £8(£6)
Talks and discussion with: Sarah Cook, curator, writer and co-founder of CRUMB, the online resource for curators of new media art; Andrew Chitty who devised the BBC’s first website and was former editor of The Net; and Jason Fitzpatrick a computer historian and curator at the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge.

The Closer We Get Special Event
Wednesday 12 November 7pm, special viewing of the exhibition 6-7pm £8 (£6)
A special preview of Somewhere’s latest feature documentary; a bittersweet, first-hand account of director Karen Guthrie’s family coming to terms with the aftermath of her mother’s stroke. Karen will be showing clips from the up-coming film and relating these to themes in the current show.
Find out more on The Closer We Get website:

Introduction to Cobbing
Thursday 13th November, 12.30pm (free)
By Kate Edwards, our cob-building tutor from Tomorrow, Today

For more information:
Programme of events: