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Vision Quest (Photo Nick David)

Vision Quest

Somewhere really recommends getting over to Elephant and Castle this week for your last chance to see the wonderful 'Vision Quest' film in person. It's by our good friend and fellow-samurai Marcus Coates, working with the fantastic Micahel Smythe of Nomad. They are, it seems, a great collaboration - I'm sure the film will go far but how much better to see it in the actual location ...

Tickets and info here

Fruit Wall pain barrier

It's that time of year again when I undergo my own personal hell (completely self inflicted) that is finishing the Abbey Gardens plant database so we can switch it to a new season ...

Switch makes it sound easy - it is not - "You wouldn't let it lie" I chant to myself as I try to come up with a sensible 'out' date for the inevitable plants that have slipped through my already neurotic net.

Today I enjoyed some respite from the keyboard at the actual garden photographing missing entries. I thought I'd share this image of the 'fruit wall' 3 seasons in and it's looking mighty impressive ... makes all that record keeping worthwhile!