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WWTHB? - The Movie

It's all go at Somewhere this week and not just in our own studio/homes ... editor Alice Powell has managed to tackle the mini mountain of video documentation I recorded during the first year of building Abbey Gardens and has made this very nice short film. It will feature in our last Floating Cinema tour in September 'The Green East' but here for you our Somewhere readers to enjoy now! 

Come and join us Somewhere on a London canal

Our project curators Up are advertising here for volunteers for our Floating Cinema - deadline June 25th, come on in the water's lovely!

Posters R Us

Check out these topnotch designs submitted for our Floating Cinema by Alternative Movie Posters!

Floating Cinema bobbing along nicely

Even from my studio far beyond the reach of any canal (but very near Coniston Water) I can enjoy much progress on our Floating Cinema project this summer...

We have just worked with the Live Art Development Agency to award a commission to young artist Ian Giles to create a new live performance aboard the FC boat on July 15 at the iconic Canary Wharf (see here on how to book free places). And what's more, his work will involve handbell ringing, what could be nicer?

Alternative Movie Posters call out for Floating Cinema designs!

The very nice folk at AMP have published this call-out for our Floating Cinema this summer  - AMP is a gem of a site where designers can show off their skills by creating new posters for all kinds of films and uploading them for all to enjoy - we can't wait to see what comes in!

I've no idea what it says but I like it

Here's a new review - we think :-) - of our film Bata-ville: We Are Not Afraid of the Future - from Hong Kong's Jet magazine.

Slight Somewhere hysteria

I must admit to struggling a little with juggling all the stuff we have going on at the moment. We are REALLY trying to finish the editing of our film Jaywick Escapes (with the patient support of our Exec. Marc Isaacs), I have 3 weeks to go before my students show at the RCA, the Floating Cinema website has just gone live and the project itself launches in less than a month AND (by way of relaxation!) it's the Abbey Gardens Open Squares Weekend and Summer Fayre this weekend coming.

Do come if you're free and London based, I'll be there giving (possibly slightly hysterical) garden tours and hopefully consuming my own body weight in tea and cake.

Floating Cinema Launches ...

Well at least virtually as the VERY nice new website went live this week. Many thanks to our long term collaborator Dorian Moore for the lovely design and build. My favourite feature is that I can blog to the site straight from my phone and the info not only gets automatically posted but the geo tagged images appear on a map of the canal system too.

We'll soon be launching the actual boat/cinema, if you live in East London put July the 1st in your diary when the project begins with an evening of projections up near Springfield Marina in Stoke Newington - everyone welcome. 

The Moog-tastic music of Jaywick

Earlier this week we reunited with Glasgow band Roads to Siam to create and record some incidental music for the score of the film - our composer Tim Olden will weave the tracks into his own magical mix. Both have also worked on our two previous films, a collaboration which has been called 'David Lynch-esque'...