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Fernando leads us through the less touristy parts of Madrid!

Semillando - Spanish Seedlings

Thanks to the lovely Fernando García-Dory for suggesting we join this weekend event run by Intermediae at Matadero in Madrid.

We presented What Will The Harvest Be? for the first time to an International audience and had a chance to hear about these other projects too:

re:farm the City (Hernani Dias)
Aulagarden (faaq)
Can Masdeu (Javier Montellano)
56 st blaise (Atelier AAA) - who also made ecobox

We also got to spend three hours cycling round Madrid with Fernando and a big group of other cyclists looking at actual and potential green spaces.

Gill Harvey & Pam Last of the Clacton on Sea Flower Club with Somewhere
Photo: Tim Olden

A Circle of Thanks!

As you can probably tell with only three days to install the show at Jaywick Martello Tower and the list of 'ingredients' Karen mentioned below it was quite hard work!

I've just been popping some photos of both the installation madness and the finished show onto Flickr.

Big thanks go to everyone who worked so hard on it:

Tim Olden & James Barnard on the build,
Gill & Pam on the flowers,
Chris, Lindsey & Cerith on the planting
Everyone who made the miniature gardens
and all the JMT staff ... I don't think they quite knew what they were in for!

Fingers crossed with lots of careful watering the show will last the full three weeks.

A Circle of Happiness

Just back from sunny Jaywick (Essex) where our show A Circle of Happiness (named after an early local social club) has opened at the Martello Tower there. It runs till Oct 4th and is a bizarre combination of (amongst other things) 35 miniature gardens, 225 potted hydrangeas and over 1000 wildflower plants.

What Will the Harvest Festival Be?

Things are hotting up for this Saturday's big (free) event (12-4pm) at our Abbey Gardens project, What Will the Harvest Festival Be? and we are thrilled to have Sam & Sam Clark of legendary eaterie Moro cooking with our very own garden produce from about 1.30pm on the day....
Get all the details on the day and how to enter the various competitions here.
We hope you can make it to our East London garden of eden....

Vegetable animals for the Mull show
By Ruby & Cecily Chitty

Only Four Days For Your Vegetable Sculpting

Yes our big event at Abbey Gardens - What Will The Harvest Festival Be? is fast approaching. For those of you - adults or children - working on entries for the vegetable sculpture competitions I thought I would post these as inspiration, made by some small friends of mine for the a flower show in Mull. They were reluctant for me to photograph them as they were a few days old by the time I saw them - still quite expressive I felt though!

More details of the whole event (with guest chefs Sam & Sam Clark of Moro) over on the WWTHB? site.

Film still from Exmoor National Dress
(Shot at Minehead Butlins)

Exmoor National Dress on the catwalk again

My photo portraits and short film are on show down in Somerset until Oct 10th:
Brewhouse Theatre & Arts Centre
Coal Orchard

More detail on venue and times on
the website here