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Busy weekend (27th & 28th of June)

We're making progress at Abbey Gardens and a huge thanks to everyone who came down last weekend with all their seedlings. We have a VERY impressive selection to use in the garden.

Although some of the raised beds are still being constructed from next week we will be officially starting our Garden Club sessions led by Chris
chris 'at'

These run at the following times - all welcome - there's a variety of jobs from mulching to planting, everyone can help out - beginners or experts!

Free Garden Club Sessions (June - Nov 2009)

Saturdays 10.00 am - 2.00 pm
Tuesdays 10.00 - 1.00 pm
Thursdays 5.00 pm - dusk

This weekend (27th & 28th of June) we have a bumper two day session -
Chris will be leading there all day Saturday (10-5)
and Nina will be there all day Sunday (10 - 5)
All welcome, why not bring a packed lunch & join for the day.

On Sunday you might also want to visit our friends at Three Mills where FOAG have a stall as part of the The Story of Three Mills Island event.

Looking forward to seeing you on site

It's fun to 'trespass' kids...

Sandwiched between the slow progress on What will the Harvest Be? Somewhere had a day at the seaside c/o our Jaywick Parklands project, helping redesign the diverse green spaces around this down-at-heel but very inspiring bit of the Essex seaside.
We took Year 11 kids from Frobisher School on an unorthadox ramble across where once the local trainline went - and found that though the land is now in local development authority ownership - certain local factions believed otherwise. An informative scene where our merry band were challenged by a man on horseback failed to temper enthusiasm for the adventure...

End of day six of construction
Those are a lot of beds to fill!

Abbey Gardens Needs You!

We really need volunteers this week (15th - 19th of June) to help us construct and fill 800M of raised beds.
If you have a spare day, or even an hour after work, come down to the site and we will find a way for you to help out. It's helpful to let Chris our Garden Club Leader know you're coming (chris 'at' or 07723 733056), but you can also just drop by and ask for Nina, Karen or Chris. The wonderful construction team (led by Danny from City Wood) are happy to accommodate helpers in their team, or you can just get stuck in to the literal mountain of topsoil we need to move.

We take all types of help and a massive thanks goes to Joan who today bought down home made buns for the whole team - they were massively appreciated.

Hope to see you on the wheelbarrow line.

Tim tests out the live camera as we set out
Day 4 Saturday 13th of June

Watch us work or ...

Thanks to a neat bit of work by the lovely Dorian Moore, brothers French & Keith Roberts at Newham you can now watch us work at Abbey Gardens ... and it's very hard work!

*Click here to see the live webcam*

Better still you can come down and help in person!!

Chris, Sharon, Audley (& me!)
Setting out team

Day one - a tube strike and it's raining

At last we have started to layout the shape of the Harvest Garden at Abbey Gardens.

Day one was quite challenging! This is the team committed to marking out the site despite the rain and tube strike ...