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Abbey Gardens in Autumn garb
Photo: Nina Pope

Inter-seasonal wardrobe dilemma

Or a change to garden club times!

Unlike me Abbey Gardens looks wonderful and confident in Autumn (as opposed to flustered and either under or over dressed) so come down and have a look before the season is over ...

Now the clocks have changed we are tweeking our Thursday night garden club times.

Chris will continue to run the Garden Club until the end of November, Saturdays and Tuesdays remain the same but we are moving the Thursday night session forward. So until the end of November the times will be as follows:

Saturdays 10.00 am - 2.00 pm
Tuesdays 10.00 am - 1.00 pm
Thursdays 4.00 pm - dusk (at present about 5.30)

Of course the garden is now open to the public everyday so you can visit at any time, but if you want to get into hands on gardening these are the best times.

Despite the Autumnal feel there is still a lot to see in the garden (see image opposite taken last week) and in fact harvest. For anyone with an innovative tomato recipe (green or otherwise) now is your moment to visit or add to the plant database!

As Chris is on holiday this week I am running the sessions - on Thursday night we have a group of students visiting so I'll be giving a talk about the garden if anyone would like to join. On Saturday we have plenty of harvesting to do plus weeding and a few more 'choice' jobs! Hope to see you there.