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Who would guess
that humming a tune could require so much ruddy kit

I'm with the band. Honest.

Not content with my roles as co- actor / writer / director / producer of our current movie 'Living with the Tudors', I'm now trying to get on the soundtrack.
This is me tech-ed up for a nightime foray into the woods to record a humming 'vocal' to accompany a spycam sequence for Tim Olden's score.
Available as a bootleg on request from this blog...

The Toge house prototype model
now en route for Switzerland

The Return of the Seven Samurai

Next Thursday (Feb 1st) sees the opening of a glamourous Swiss gallery show of work produced in our Seven Samurai and other recent Grizedale Arts projects:

Galerie Lucy Mackintosh
Avenue des Acacias 7
CH-1006 Lausanne

Téléphone +41 (0)21 601 88 88
Fax +41 (0)21 601 88 89

One of the exhibits is the prototype of our 'Titschy / Kitschy' Japanese house miniature by Lilliput Lane...

Pope & Guthrie
practise their moves

New Japan pictures online

With thanks to KIDA photostudio (Tokyo) we have been able to add more photos of our cult performances in Japan in summer 06!

Look here to see Pope & Guthrie as you've never seen them before....

and endure an interminable opening ceremony
with Barnably Hoskins (l) and Marcus Coates (r)

Lovely label
from our bit of the show

Liverpool Biennale / Virtually Grizedale

Some shots from the recent 'Virtually Grizedale' show at A Foundation's Greenland Street venue in Liverpool.

A punter ignores...
...our Toge Shield poster