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A letter from Toge ...

The Seven Samurai recently enjoyed a kind of reunion via performance in Liverpool, as well as appearing with Bedwyr as 'rent-a-tudor' backing, I plugged Toge rice as 'the best in the world' during my Tenantspin interview (quite surreal - I stuck to rice and art but Jesse Rae free ranged around bankruptcy, music, banks, slaves, the claymore and back to banks!).
In with the box of shoes, mountain veg. and rice sent over from the village was a letter ... Aiko translated for us and I was delighted to hear that Komi san and the ladies turned our house in to a cafe for the last weeks of the Triennale, apparently enjoying a huge flow through of visitors. I bet they enjoyed the delights of the Toge kitchen more than the rest of the Triennial art fare. This is the first time we have started a project and been almost unable to communicate with the people we've met remotely. Not only do the majority of Toge not have access to the Internet, without having it translated there is little point in us even sending them a long hand letter. It made the box of rice & note that arrived from them pretty exciting.

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If you happen to be in NYC check out our Bata-ville premiere there with Rooftop films ... they love it!

"This fascinating and charming film is part road trip documentary, part ideological exploration. And for a work of art commissioned as public history project, it is startlingly funny, heartwarming, and humane. At Rooftop Films, we never imagined a bus-trip across Europe with a group of retired shoe-factory workers would be so enjoyable."

Coming up next: A Prague Film Showcase
Bata-ville will be opening this British Council film event in Prague
with a screening at 20.30 on Monday the 25th of September at Kino Svetozor

Us on the streets of Tokyo with Count Pollen

Gig in Liverpool

As part of the Liverpool Biennial, we're in Grizedale Arts' project for the A Foundation. More info here of the fun on Greenland Street in Liverpool on Sept. 15th & 16th - including an appearance by yours truly as 'Backing Tudors' with our friend Count Pollen AKA Bedwyr Williams , as well as documentation for our work in the 7 samurai project in Japan....
Picks of the days for us include:
A Big Groovy Pile-up - The Brian Dewan Experience, 6pm on Friday 15th
New music commission featuring Emma Welsby, The Bells of the Anglican Cathedral, Jamie Barnes and funk icon Doug Wimbish, followed by Bedwyr Williams as Count Pollen
Ohr - Nathaniel Mellors a pottery performance between 2-4pm on Saturday 16th - featuring Grizedale Arts' director Adam Sutherland in a semi-clad pot-throwing demonstration.
No kidding.

Back on the trail of B & J ...

With one half of somewhere ... But shocking news 10 years later no angora detour left on Mull ...