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"A journey into the unknown"

Blimey the festival parties can not get any better 4 us ... The surprise evening event is at Buchlov castle with ... Guess who ... Mixed era re-enactors ..!

Stranger by the day ...

The festival just gets more and more odd ... There's a lot of simultaneous translation that no one appears to be listening to and this lot singing at the CZ TV party are apparently the stars of a popular series ...

Bata-ville Re-enactment

It's pretty weird being back here ... We can now actually 'see' Zlín in a way that was impossible from the tunnel of filming ... But it's also impossible to revisit anywhere in the film with out us both re-living our lines! Here from todays loving look at the fantastic Zlín shoe museum Marcela's shoes ... 'I remember those ... I wore that exact pair in Prague'.

Back to Zlin with a bang ...

We've touched down back in our favourite CZ town and as you can see from the launch fireworks the film festival is a big deal here. We found ourselves almost straight back at the super odd hotel Moskva (where we spent our Bata-ville nights) for the launch party ... pictures of the creepy crooner band to follow as soon as we locate wi fi ! Always nervous as to where our next meal will be coming from, we panic ordered in the 'mexican themed' hotel restuarant only to be greeted at the party by the most impressive array of canapes seen this side of the 70's, apple-slice-swans, whole roast pigs and 'meat-flavour' icing a-go-go ...

Welcome to Brno
..says Prince Charming

Welcome to the Czech Republic

On arriving at Brno for the Zlin Film Festival I was excited (as was Nina evidently) to be greeted for the first time by one of those taxi signs - and a totally new spelling of my surname.

Film-making by numbers
If only it was this easy...

Film-making by numbers

Somewhere uses all manner of crazy planning techniques - this image shows about a third of our most recent stream-of-consciousness: My studio floor tiled with cards of proposed scenes from this summer's epic 'Living with the Tudors', each one trying to fit into a neat grid of available timeslots on location.
Fat chance!
On second thoughts we could just try throwing the pack of cards in the air and seeing where they land.....

Rory's Auntie Kate
With thanks to Rory's Mum!

Technology - brings out the best in People?

A million thanks to Miles Tudor who spent his Friday lunch time patiently going through every menu on his Panasonic HVX200 with me ... this camera is truly amazing, a sort of computer/camera hybrid where you don't record onto tape and can play back instantly what you've recorded, including beautiful slow motion etc.
Sadly the cards it currently takes only record 8 mins onto each and at a shocking 1K each you can't afford to have many spares to hand. It doesn't look like the right camera for our next shoot but it does look like the future of filming for somewhere! Miles hires his out (with him as operator) if anyone else wants to give it a whirl I can put you in touch.

Onto a more basic technology we're trying to make a ***?? (what the hell are these seaside follies called!) for the WW II Fete at Kentwell next weekend and I am experiencing some level of frustration with my rather rusty making skills. The technology of paint is not bringing out the best in me. The project has flushed out some fantastic images from my friend Rory though - of his Aunt Kate & chums ... See the Sometime Later Blog for others.

Also do see 'We Make Money Not Art" for a great interview with Rory stretching right back to our days at the Bartlett together when Somewhere (and many other London-based-digital-art-groups) operated out of my office and one of London's first Internet connections that came with it!

Somewhere the work deluge!
Photo: Nina Pope

Old project, new 'evidence' ...

Obviously I'd rather do anything than make my mind up about what HD (or not HD!) format to shoot our film with the Tudors on ... and today my displacement activity has been finishing off up-loading the documentation for Anecdotal Evidence - with some nice new scans of folk out on the water at the launch.

It's a perverse fact that the more busy-with-interesting-things you are, the less time you have to Blog about them, at the moment this is certainly true for Somewhere ... as each day starts I haul myself into a seemingly endless list of tasks that comprise the headlong fall towards our 3 week shoot at Kentwell.

This week the list was punctuated by my usual day at the RCA and an unusual evening 'gig' at the BFI on a panel discussion ... entitled 'Educating the Next Generation - Film' ... I felt like a bit of a fake taking part as I've never even stepped inside a film school. However, there's nothing like feeling you have at last acquired some transferable skills, and the more the monster that is the advent of digital cinema moves forward the more I recognise of the beast from our background in the world of 'new' media. For once there was someone on the panel who new more about Digital distribution than me (and critically more than the audience - often not the case!) as well as Karen and I's favourite film motivational guru ... Mr Jobson.

Island postcard: the nightclub & caravan park
Image: Pope & Guthrie

Postcards from our Island

I've just been adding some nice photographs of our Island to the Artists' Impression section of the site. We've recently been revisiting the project (motivated partly by the approaching need to re-house the model), & I must say it's always a pleasure to see the place again ... especially when you don't actually have to get the huge sections of the model out of their crates to do so! I even had a quick walk around the game yesterday ... no one on the pier but there had been a few tourists off the boat of late.