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Still from one of the Bata-ville education projects

Busy Busy Bata-ville

It seems there's nothing like distributing your own film to keep you bloody busy. Despite Jane (our assistant) now assigning a day a week to the on-going demands of Bata-ville it still seems to be rather swamping Somewhere.

On the one hand it's a delight to see there's an audience for the work, and really exciting when it travels to festivals etc. but the continual round of putting DVDs in envelopes only for the Hackney postal service to loose them can wear a bit thin!

To keep up moral I attended an inspirational (I'm not joking) lecture last weekend by Peter Broderick on state-of-the-art distribution techniques for independent filmmakers ... it was fantastic. Not least because I seemed to be about the only person in the audience of 200 odd film makers to have actually sold something off of their film's website!

Meanwhile Karen was continuing with her UK wide Bata-ville audience survey at the Keswick Film Festival.

This Saturday I'll be talking about the film at 'Truth or Dare' a conference about Art & Docs. at the Whitechapel ... and on Monday Bata-ville is screening at the Norwich Gallery .... right back to trying to figure out the SXSW festival site to book our tickets for Austin Texas ... Phew!

Sometime Later Production Still
Danny the page

Coming Soon ...

Sometime (a bit) Later .... !

Bless Dorian Moore for his continuing patience with us as we try to wrestle the expansion of the Sometime Later site under control. Hell bent on producing painted Limnings for the interface Karen and I have (as usual) horribly underestimated the time taken for hand-made production items. I think we might get the site live this weekend though, to feature a wealth of video material shot at Kentwell Hall this year in both 1942 and 1569.

I may Blog further regarding the interface for this site once it's live ... suffice to say it has been something of an interesting design challenge and prompted a Web 2.0 vs bad early interactive CDrom interface debate between Dorian and myself!