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Adapted from one of the Bata Records
Available at the Bata Resource & Reminiscence Centre

A Festive Atmosphere

There's a very festive feel on the virtual Bata-ville bus this weeks ... as its long journey continues.

Thanks to all our fellow passengers who've posted news and Christmas wishes this week, it's been really nice to hear from everyone.

Mike Ostler is organising a screening of the film in Thurrock in the New Year ... which may be a good excuse for a Bata-ville get together? Plus we're going to be visited by Ray Bromley an (English) academic currently based in the States who's researching a book on Bata towns.

Meanwhile Karen and I have had some excellent news this week: from January you will be able to rent Bata-ville from the amazing LOVEFiLM DVD rental site. It seems the film is looking forward to a mainstream distribution future!

Sunny Southwold

On my way to the Kentwell re-enactment reunion ... But no trip to East Anglia is complete without having to check our Almanac time lapse cameras ... This time a pleasure as the one at the top of St Barnabus OAP home has been clicking away for 3 months ...